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ur horses are the foundation of our program. Each horse is carefully screened and selected for its calm, tolerant, and willing temperament. Our horses work hard and are aware of the importance of their work. They are sensitive to the needs of their riders and often demonstrate extraordinary patience. Their loving nature has a calming effect on our riders. Their gentleness encourages a strong bond of trust. Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds. We invite you to stop by and meet some of them.

Why Use Horses to Achieve Our Goals? A horse's gait closely emulates that of a human. No other modality mimics the walking gait of a human and stimulates virtually every movement system of the body.

Current Horses
Dudley is a former Western Pleasure horse. He is a liver chestnut Quarter Horse gelding and is 16 hands high. Dudley was born in 1992 and has been with High Horses since April 2004.
Little Big Man
(aka Mango)
Mango is a former Dressage lesson pony from Hanover, MA. He is a red roan Welsh pony gelding and is 13.2 hands high. Mango was born in 1996 and has been with High Horses since August 2009.
Buddy is a former lesson horse who has also done farm work in the past. He is a Haflinger gelding and is 14.3 hands high. He was born in 1995 and came to High Horses in May 2011.
Walhuke Dream
(aka Mitch)
Mitch is a former show horse from Massachusetts. He is a bay AQHA registered Quarter Horse gelding and is 15.1 hands high. Mitch was born on February 29, 1992 and came to High Horses in August 2007.
Heidi is a 20-year-old quarter horse who has come to us in July 2013. She has been a hunter jumper, event horse, and babysitter for horses coming off the track. Her owner has generously decided to share her with us and has donated her to the program.
Retired Horses
Our dear Louie passed away peacefully on October 4th 2010. To read more about Louie, see our Quarterly News Letter.
Good Golly Miss Molly
Molly retired from the High Horses program in 2009. She now lives a peaceful life as a pasture pet with her best friend, who happens to be a goat, and a loving family.
Country Gentleman
Country was given a one year lease to High Horses in spring of 2010 and has since returned to his owners for full retirement in the spring of 2011.
Black Jack
Black Jack is a former show pony who came from Massachusetts. He is a black and white paint pony who is 14.1 hands high. He was born in 1996 and came to High Horses the summer of 2010. Jack retired from our program in August 2011 and has a forever home and retirement plan with a little girl and her mother in Claremont, NH.
Bonita’s Broken Arrow
“Arrow” retired from High Horses program in May 2011 is living in South Royalton, VT with High Horses farrier, Jim Hudson, who uses him for walk trail rides and pony rides for his toddler son.
Dandy's Lucky Socks
(aka Lucky)
Lucky found that working in the therapeutic riding field just was not his calling. He left our program in May 2012 and is currently enjoying his life at a local riding academy.
Golden Nugget
(aka Nugget)
Nugget stayed with our program spring thru fall of 2012 before returning to his owner in Massachusetts in October 2012.
Shamus stayed the summer with High Horses before finding a job working with emotionally challenged teens at another program. Shamus left our program in September 2012.

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